As I was going through some old files on my computer, I found a poem I had written for a creative writing class back in high school. It was a free-verse piece called “Facts About Myself” that I had modeled after a poem of the same name by Tucker Bryant.

Two years have gone by since I wrote that poem, and reading it again, I feel emotional comparing my life then to now. I credit a lot of my growth from transitioning to my life here at Drake, but I also need to credit myself more often for making the choice to grow and for asking for help along the way.

The following is a recreation of the poem set to my life today:

Some facts about myself:
I’m 19 years old.
I’m a capricorn.
I can speak cat, but I still can’t swim.
And I sometimes say “you too” to the cashier at the coffee shop
Who tells me to enjoy my coffee.

I believe there are two types of people on the planet,
Those who know all the lyrics to the original high school musical soundtrack,
And liars.

I stopped believing in love a long time ago
Choking down the word “tragedy” whenever it appeared on the news,
But I still do believe in love.
The kind that teaches us to dance
That made me doubt there was ever resentment in the world to begin with.

I’m afraid.
Of spiders, heights, airplanes,
You name it.
I sleep with the tv on so I can always hear the presence of others. 
And though I’m not an old physicist,
I am still afraid of time.

I’m only 19,
Almost 20.
I’m allergic to apples,
I think frozen pizza is gross,
And that cheese should be considered a food group.
And I believe you haven’t had a successful day unless you’ve laughed at least three times,
So I choose to keep on laughing.