As Seen On Tv Ad

Hurricane Spin Mop

“Clean Less, Care More”

Print; 8.5 x 11; vertical



Advertising will show suburban moms that the Hurricane Spin Mop is a fast and efficient tool for cleaning floors. Support will be its spinning mop design and its ability to hold 10x its weight. The tone of the advertising will be warm and wholesome.


8.5 x 11in vertical print ad. The background of the ad is an image taken inside a house. You see the hurricane spin mop in its bucket sitting on the floor on the right side of the ad and behind it, you see a candid shot of a mom and her child wrapped up in a blanket laughing, centered. The floor is shiny and has a few sparkles for emphasis.

The head is at the top in dark blue Gotham bold text, the body copy is left of the mop in black Gotham regular text. The tagline is below in Gotham bold text. All text is left justified except the copy containing the link which is centered at the bottom of the page.


Spend more time with those who matter most.


The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop’s rotating design leaves any hard-floor sparkling clean. Holding 10x its weight, this tool has the power to keep your floors shining and your time flying.


Clean less, care more.


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